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A Brief Guide to Atheism

The problem of 'faith' in irrational beliefs

The functions of religion

The advantages of atheism



A Brief Guide to Atheism (pdf format - two A4 pages)



News + Discussions

Further discussion of issues raised in the 'Brief Guide'

On Social and Moral Evolution

Examples of outdated (biblical) moral standards

'Devotional poster' of Judges: XIX/23-29 (A4 pdf file)

The Desire to Believe

        Evolutionary perspectives

Dennis Campbell’s ‘Essay on Religion from a Behavioural Viewpoint’

A Note on Religion and Sexuality

The Invention of Religion and the Consequences of Dogma

Certainties and the Non-Existence of God

A Note on Religious Sources

Arguing About Evolution

Arguing Against Theism (I): Proving the Existence of God

Arguing Against Theism (II): Using Evidence and Logic

        Non-historicity of Jesus/Jesus myth theory

Arguing Against Theism (III): Innate Knowledge

Thoughts on Omniscience, Omnibenevolence and the 'Argument from Evil'



Thoughts + Links

Thoughts on religion by various commentators, including Freud, Russell and Jefferson



Links to other atheist resources and blogs




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