Throughout their history, humans have invented religions; theists recognise this process in all beliefs but their own. Atheists go one step further, rejecting superstition and taking responsibility for ourselves and our world. The 'Brief Guide to Atheism' provides an introduction to some of the fundamental concerns of atheist thought; some of these are enlarged upon in 'discussions', including discussions of morality, why people believe in religion, why people invent religions and responses to traditional theist arguments. The 'Guide' was originally produced in response to a number of attempts by religious campaigners to convert me; now, when religious propaganda is offered to me, I give the 'Guide' in return - seems only fair.

Some readers have suggested that the 'Guide' is too intellectual in tone, and would be unsuitable for most believers; firstly, I find this unnecessarily condescending - most people are capable of intelligent thought, what is needed is motivation. Secondly, I feel that freeing oneself from superstitious indoctrination requires intelligent, independent thought in any case.

The 'Guide' will hopefully be of use, as a brief introduction to some of the principal concerns of atheism, to new atheists, apatheists and agnostics. Discussions contains more advanced and detailed examinations of religion, as well as linked material such as evolutionary perspectives on religion, Jesus myth theory and examples of outdated morality from the Bible.

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